: Hanny Denalda
The 2019 IPA Convention and Exhibition (Convex) will be the 43rd year that the event has been held to support and promote the upstream oil & gas industry in Indonesia. The event has been facilitating knowledge-sharing, networking and partnerships between industry and government over the years and shall to continue to be the leading platform and benchmark for the industry, not only in Indonesia but also in South-East Asia. Every year, the IPA Convex Committee formulates the main theme of the event by observing the current industry trends, development and direction. The 43rd edition will have the theme of “Driving Exploration and Optimizing Existing Production for Long Term Energy Security” and has been carefully constructed to fit the industry’s needs in 2019. Comprising of both the convention and a comprehensive exhibition, the IPA Convex 2019 will feature Plenary and Special Sessions, a Technology Session and also both Oral and Poster Presentations of Technical papers during the 3-day Convention. Each session is being thoroughly vetted by the Committee to ensure that only high quality and relevant material is being presented in the IPA Convex stage by the distinguished faculty of invited speakers. The Exhibition that will be held concurrently with the Convex will present the latest and most innovative technology, services and solutions available to the upstream industry. It will be the channel for supporting companies to meet their clients and other corporations to communicate their image and their product and service range. The IPA Convex always creates a welcoming and exciting show on the exhibition floor that is well-participated by leading names in the business who represent the dynamic and exciting petroleum industry as well as members of the public and the student community. Last year, the 2018 IPA Convex 2018 was attended by 1,657 convention delegates, 116 exhibiting companies and 23,329 trade visitors in a 14,000 sqm event space. This year, the IPA Convex aims to raise the bar and we shall see an increase in the numbers and quality of the overall event. Having the privilege of chairing the IPA Convex Committee for this year, it is a great honor for me to invite you to join this prestigious event. Please mark your calendar for the IPA Convex 2019 which will be on 4–6 September 2019 at the Jakarta Convention Center. Many of you will remember that the IPA Convex usually takes place in May over the past few years. We are moving to September this year for strategic reasons which will allow the IPA Convex to be the industry’s foremost event and will set the course for the region’s upstream oil and gas sector. As the event develops in the next few months, we shall continue to regularly bring you updates on the developments through this page on our event website. Please take some time to visit the new refreshed website, which is the best source of information about the event. If you cannot find what you are looking for or if you need further information, our IPA Convex Committee will be ready to assist you in any way that we can. We hope to grow the IPA Convex together with you and look forward to seeing you at the IPA Convex 2019! Organization Structure
Tumbur Parlindungan, Steering Committee
Saka Energi Indonesia
I. Tenny Wibowo, Steering Committee
Ophir Indonesia
Nanang A. Manaf, Steering Committee
Pertamina EP
Moektianto Soeryowibowo, Steering Committee
BP Indonesia
Rovicky Putrohari, Steering Committee
Saka Energi Indonesia
Marjolijn Wajong, Steering Committee
Hanny M. Denalda, Chairperson
Ophir Indonesia
Wursitaningari (Sita), Chairperson - Secretariat/Registration
Posman Sianturi, Chairperson - Communication & Publication
ZsaZsa Ryski, Member - Communication & Publication
Saka Energi Indonesia
Gayatri Handari K., Member - Communication & Publication
Pertamina EP Cepu ADK
Moch. Nunung Kurniawan (Iwan), Member - Communication & Publication
Inpex Masela, Ltd.
Novie N. Hernawati, Vice Chairperson 1
Rina Rudd, Chairperson - Plenary Session
Husky Anugerah, Ltd.
Hafif Assaf, Chairperson - Protocol
Medco E&P Natuna Ltd.
Lita Liana, Vice Chairperson 2
Shell Indonesia
Arya Disiyona, Chairperson - Technical Program
SKK Migas
Siti Sitawati, Vice Chairperson - Technical Program
Medco E&P Indonesia
Don Duttlinger, Vice Chairperson - Technical Program
Abrarriadi, Chairperson - Technology Session
Alvin Anwari, Vice Chairperson 3
Leony Lervyn, Chairperson - Sponsorship
Medco E&P Indonesia
Fitri Martaniah, Chairperson - Exhibition
Ophir Indonesia
Indriasari Laraswati Hadiwidjoyo, Chairperson - Special Event & Reception
Petronas Caligari Muriah
Awan Suryanada, Chairperson - Security
JOB Pertamina - Medco E&P Simenggaris
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