Environment and Safety

: Arryati Ramadhani
The IPA ESC is a working committee and serves as a bridge between oil and gas operators and regulatory bodies, creates open dialogue between all stakeholders and provides a platform for the Government and the upstream oil & gas industry (mainly) to address opportunities and future challenges relating to environmental issues and safety compliance to support Sustainable Development. The committee role is to support the IPA member companies and operators to comply with applicable regulations, to promote the beyond compliance effort and to share best practices in safety and environmental management. The committee therefore actively participates in providing necessary feedback and comments to the Government during related regulatory development to ensure that the issued regulations are applicable & sensible for the industry without sacrificing the environmental and safety standards that are an integral part of oil and gas operations within Indonesia. For the past few years, the IPA ESC have been very actively involved in regulatory advocacy from the industry and professional perspective and have been influencing government to revisit regulations which are not practical to achieve sustainability. Organization Structure
Julfrida E. Margaretta, Secretary
Pertamina Hulu Sanga Sanga
Mega Nainggolan, Member
Energi Mega Persada
Ibrahim Arsyad, Member
Medco Energi
Hanifatu Avida, Member
ExxonMobil Cepu, Ltd
Pipi Pujiani, Lead Sub Committee Environment
BP Indonesia
Sugiarto Soemarto C., Member
Mont D'or Petroleum
Indra Maizir, Lead Sub Committee Safety
Randolf Bledoeg, Member
Shanti Nata Artha, Member
Medco E&P indonesia
Olivia Kabi, Member
Ophir Indonesia
Eko Suryanto, Atlernate Lead Safety
Husky Anugerah, Ltd.
Hans Swediarto, Member
Committee Activities
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2019-02-07 2019 Work Program Download